Program Chairs

Marianne KneuerMarianne Kneuer, First Vice President of IPSA

Marianne Kneuer is Professor for Political Science of the University of Hildesheim and Director of the Institute of Social Sciences there. She works in the field of democracy and autocracy studies, regime types and regime transformation. In 2011, she established the Research Focus “Politics and Internet”. Projects conducted inter alia analyzed the role of social media in protest movements during the Arab Spring as well as in Western countries (Occupy). Recent research targets the different use of digital media in democracies, autocracies and transformation countries. 

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Helen MilnerHelen Milner, former President of IPSA (2012-2014)

Helen V. Milner is the B. C. Forbes Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University and the director of the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School. She has written extensively on issues related to international and comparative political economy, the connections between domestic politics and foreign policy, globalization and regionalism, and the relationship between democracy and trade policy. She is very interested in the "digital divide" among countries, the relationship between digital technology adoption and democracy, and the politics of technological change.

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